What is the premier Marketing Mix?

Through our hybrid-marketing model, we offer our Member/Owners the best product-mix of cash, forward-contract, direct export, futures, pool, and retail product offerings that CA has to offer.

What is the Calrose Co-op?

Calrose Co-op is a grower-owned, professionally operated rice marketing cooperative based in California.


Our mission is simple: to ethically increase price, remain transparent, and always represent the producer.

Our Mission



We are not here to gamble with your rice.  Joining the Calrose Co-op is like investing your money with highly specialized asset manager with expertise in the CA rice industry.  We have the marketing knowledge and ability to make quick decisions that will provide the most benefit and highest return on your membership.


What makes us different.

Our unique hybrid-marketing approach is our answer to the confusing and often volatile California medium grain market.  Because there is no futures market for California rice, liquidity can often be a problem.  That’s why California has a “pool” system, where Producers sign-up their rice before a value is assigned to the crop itself.  While this is a necessary approach to creating liquidity, it can reduce the profitability for a Producer.

Therefore, Calrose Co-op has developed its hybrid-marketing model, where we utilize a share of our product mix to allocate to the pools, but sell the majority on the cash market, through direct exports, MA/SBS business, and retail-based markets. By utilizing this strategic allocation, the Calrose Co-op diversifies risk while maximizing Member profitability.

Collective Vision

Being a member of a cooperative is a philosophical choice that enables our members to be “bigger than themselves.”  Calrose Co-op holds its rice in warehouses throughout the state, which enables us to capture efficiencies where others can’t.  Our supply of paddy and strong selling network provides access the market in multiple ways throughout the course of each marketing year that individual farmers cannot achieve by themselves.


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