Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the Calrose Co-op Established?

A:  Calrose Co-op was formed as a non-profit agricultural cooperative in 2010.

Q:  How much rice do I have to commit to become a member?

A:  Currently there is no minimum for membership, though membership is opened or closed at the discretion of Board each year.  Once Membership is approved, the Member automatically has space for their rice the following year.

Q:  How does Calrose Co-op increase price transparency?

A:  Transparency is increased through our cash marketing efforts, forward contracting, and future-option price contracts.  This enables price discovery in an otherwise opaque marketing environment.

Q:  What is the payout schedule?

A:  The payout schedule will be determined by the Board each marketing year.  Calrose Co-op will evaluate market conditions, competitive payout schedules, and other pertinent market factors to determine dates of progress payments and the final for each marketing year.

Q: Is there a Membership retain?

A: Yes. Currently, there is $0.25/cwt retain, that is paid back in 3-5 years, most typically on a $0.10/$0.10/$0.05 cycle.  This means that when you are fully vested, a retain of $0.25 each year will be offset by qualified retain patronage dividends each year of $0.25.

Q:  How does membership benefit me and my operation?

A:  The first rule to investing is to diversify—and Calrose Co-op provides you just that through our hybrid-marketing model.  By committing your rice to us, you access a “mutual fund” of pools each year, sell your rice on the cash market continuously, export directly to foreign buyers, take part in MA tenders, and have an equity stake in our developing retail brands—all without the overhead that comes with a brick-and-mortar mill.