Founded in 2010, Calrose Co-op was created as a paddy marketing cooperative to help increase price transparency in the CA rice market.  Since its inception, the co-op has been an active seller in the cash market, helping to encourage liquidity and transparency to the CA medium grain market.  Constantly an advocate for growers, the Calrose Co-op has challenged the status-quo, while still cultivating and maintaining positive industry relationships.

In 2015, the Co-op also began exporting milled rice directly to premium markets around the world, both in bulk and in smaller packaging (10kg, 20kg, 50kg). The proceeds of the sales (paddy sales and milled rice sales) are then distributed to the Members on a pro-rata share. 


Our Dynamic Management Team:


Logan Wilson

Grew up in Northern California in a small community with strong agricultural roots. After he graduated from UC Davis in 2006 with a BS in Agricultural and Managerial Economics, he worked in banking and finance for two years before transitioning into CA agriculture and rice. After entering the rice industry, Wilson earned his MBA and now teaches classes in the Marketing, Finance, and Management Department at CSU, Chico.

Wilson has been managing the Calrose Co-op since 2012, active in paddy acquisition, marketing, and industry relations.  Wilson serves on the Executive Committee of the California Rice Commission, as well as the Industry Affairs, Budget and Finance, and Public Relations Committees.  On a national level for the USA Rice Federation, Wilson serves on the Sustainability Committee, Rice Marketability Committee, Communication Committee, and the Regulatory Affairs committee.


Stuart Hoetger

Grew up in a rural mountain town in Southern California and after graduating from UC Davis in 2008, began working in corporate finance. He then transitioned quickly into the agriculture industry, providing analysis and trading strategies to companies around the world.  Thru other capacities, Stuart has bought and sold paddy & milled in several different countries around the world and regularly presents on the rice market at different events throughout the Western Hemisphere and in Asia.

He currently manages the rough rice trading strategy as well as international business development for Calrose Cooperative, a grower owned, medium grain coop in California. Presently, Stuart is also a fellow in the prestigious, California Ag Leadership Program.

On the weekends, Stuart and his family regularly engage in outdoor recreational activities such as running, hiking, ultimate Frisbee, and hosting friends at their home in Chico. The Hoetger’s also enjoy traveling to Central & South America. Together, Wilson and Hoetger bring a unique mix of ideas, energy, and analysis to the Calrose Co-op and its Membership.